Monday, 7 December 2015

National College for the Creative and Cultural Industries

The Royal Opera House's Manoukian Production Facility
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Jane Lambert

In his Autumn statement the Chancellor of the Exchequer promised to support "a new National College for Creative and Cultural Industries will be based in Essex (subject to due diligence)". Doubtless he was referring to the college announced by Chris Shipman on the Royal Opera House website in First National College for the creative and cultural industries to be established at High House Production Park, Thurrock on 11 Dec 2014. This college will be located in the Backstage Centre which is run by Creative and Cultural Industries Trading Limited for a number of important businesses and institutions in the creative industries including the Royal Opera House. Live Nation, White Light and the Association of British Theatre Technicians.

The College will open in September 2016 with a curriculum developed in consultation  with the University of the Arts to meet the needs of employers in the creative sector, particularly those in the High House Production Park.

Many types of intellectual assets are created by the performing arts some in permanent form such as back cloths, costumes and props and others ephemeral like an actor's soliloquy or a dancer's steps, turns and jumps. The investment in developing those assets is protected by copyright, design right, registered designs, rights in performances and  so on upon which we shall always be glad to advise. Should anyone wish to discuss those issues he or she should call me during office hours on 020 7404 5252 during office hours or send me a message through my contact form.